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Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
This product is CE Compliant
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9155 Calibration Workstation Options

Available Additions to the 9155 System

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Base System

9155D (Calibration Workstation)
Accelerometer Calibration Workstation. The system is turnkey, fully automated, step sine excited and based on FFT. The system allows NIST traceable calibration in 5 Hz to 10 kHz bandwidth. With available options the system allows NIST traceable calibrations from 0.5 Hz to 20 kHz.

Basic System Options

9155D-100 (Integrated Equipment Rack)
Option for Model 9155. Rack integration, integrates system components in 19" equipment rack, includes upgrade to rack mount PC.

9155D-120 (Shaker Mount)
Option for Model 9155. Shaker mount option, provides wood pedestal to support calibration shaker. 

9155D-160 (Tool Kit)
Option for Model 9155. Accessory kit, includes hardware tools such as torque wrench and cables.

9155D-350 (Calibration Label Printing)
Option for Model 9155. Provides automatic calibration label printing using a thermal transfer label printer.

9155D-900 (Temperature and Humidity Gauge)
Option for Model 9155. External temperature and humidity gauge.

9155D-SC (Service Contract)
One year service contract for 9155 Calibration System. Covers on-site re-calibration of all required components, software upgrades, additional training and extended warranty of all system components for the length of the contract. 

Signal Conditioning Options

9155D-442 (Basic ICP Signal Conditioning)
Option for Model 9155. Modular signal conditioning upgrade, adds 442A102 single channel unity gain signal conditioning and 422 series in-line charge amplifier.

9155D-443 (Dual-Mode Charge Amplifier)
Option for Model 9155. Modular signal conditioning upgrade, adds 443B101 charge amplifier module.

9155D-445 (Capacitative Sensor Signal Conditioning)
Option for Model 9155. Adds capacitive sensor signal conditioner module.

9155D-478 (Piezoresistive Signal Conditioning)
Option for Model 9155. Signal conditioning upgrade to add piezoresistive accelerometer signal conditioner for full, ½, ¼, bridge piezoresistive accelerometers.

Exciter Options

9155D-771 (Low Frequency Long Stroke)
Option for Model 9155. Allows low frequency calibration to 0.5 Hz. Calibrate high sensitivity sensors with usable stroke of 25 cm. 

9155D-779 (Extended Low Frequency Optical Reference)
Option for Model 9155. Patent pending exclusive optical encoder technology added to 9155-771. 

9155D-830 (K394B30 Air-Bearing Shaker)
Option for Model 9155. Shaker upgrade to high frequency (5 Hz to 15 kHz). Model K394B30 and enhanced software.

9155D-831 (K394B31 Air-Bearing Shaker)
Option for Model 9155. Shaker upgrade to high frequency (5 Hz to 20 kHz). Model K394B31 includes shaker armature upgrade for Air Bearing Shaker and enhanced software.

9155D-913 (Impulse Calibration)
Option for Model 9155.  Allows dynamic impulse calibration of pressure transducers, includes PCB 913B02 actuator. 

9155D-961 (Hammer Calibration)
Option for Model 9155.  Impact Hammer Calibration, determines sensivity and supports up to eight different tips.  Includes Model 9961C and verification hammer.

Other Options

9155D-575 (Laser Primary Calibration)
Option for Model 9155. Upgrade to a primary measurement using laser interferometry. Includes two dual pass laser interferometers, mirrors and all other required electronics

9155D-400 (TEDS Sensor Support)
Option for Model 9155. Provides for automatic update to TEDS sensors upon calibration. Requires 9155D-443 hardware upgrade.

9155D-501 (Linearity)
Option for Model 9155. Enables automated linearity check on test accelerometers from 1g to 40g with seamless transition from frequency response test.

9155C-510 (Shunt Calibration)
Option for Model 9155. Shunt calibration for piezo-resistive sensors. Requires option 9155C-478.

9155D-525 (Shock Calibration) 
Option for Model 9155. Shock sensor calibration. Measures from 20g to 10,000g using pneumatic shock exciter.

9155D-550 (Resonance Check)
Option for Model 9155. Mounted resonance check up to 50 kHz emulating ISO 5347-14. Requires option 9155D-830 or 9155D-831.

9155D-600 (Velocity Sensor Option)
Option for Model 9155. Allows calibration of velocity sensors. Reports data in velocity units.