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Long Stroke Calibration Shaker
Long Stroke Calibration Shaker
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Low Frequency Calibration Shaker

Long Stroke Exciter System

The Model 9155D-779 Low Frequency Long Stroke Calibration Shaker, option to the 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation, represents a new level of performance in calibration grade long stroke shakers with SmartStroke™ technology. Option 9155D-779 continues the award winning PCB Group tradition of providing superior performance characteristics and ease of use while offering exceptional value and simplicity. Optical encoder and linear motor technology allow automated armature position, eliminating the suspension adjustments that plague users of traditional long stroke shakers.

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The 9155D-779 offers both optical displacement and high sensitivity accelerometer reference technology, providing a frequency range of 0.1Hz to 500Hz, unmatched by any other shaker. Graphite air bearings provide frictionless armature motion for repeatable measurements.

The 9155D-779 was specifically designed for superior low frequency calibration systems such as The Modal Shop's Model 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation.

  • Calibrates high sensitivity sensors to lower frequencies with industry leading usable stroke of 25 cm
  • Offers better accuracy at lower frequencies due to displacement based optical reference 
  • Calibrates sensors with lower sensitivities, compared to traditional 15cm calibration shakers
  • Increases throughput with use of real-time amplitude control
  • Reduces transverse motion with graphite air bearings
  • Durable and reliable technology adapted from the manufacturing market is ideal for high daily throughput

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