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Structural Gravimetric Calibration Rig
Structural Gravimetric Calibration Rig
This product is CE Compliant
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Gravimetric Calibration System

Model 996xC

The 996x Series Gravimetric Calibration System provides for calibration of accelerometers, force sensors, and impact hammers over the low to mid frequency range. For measuring a single value sensitivity, accelerometers and load cells may be "drop" calibrated without a reference sensor, using Earth's gravity instead. Impact hammers are ratio calibrated using a known pendulous mass, a calibrated accelerometer, and Newton's Second Law. The Gravimetric Calibrator is structured with an adjustable frame, vertical and pendulous suspensions, and calibrated test masses. The system is an economical, educational and versatile tool - an important accessory in any structural test laboratory.

  • Saves time and improves efficiency by automating calibration routine
  • Calibrates both accelerometers and force transducers
  • Converts existing PC into desktop calibration acquisition system
  • Improves accuracy and consistency by implementing exponential curve fit to free-fall calibration data
  • Calibration data allows transducer trending for better instrumentation management

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