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MEZZO Sound Intensity Probe

Measure Sound Power and Visualize Steady State Acoustic Sources


The MEZZO Sound Intensity Probe is an innovative USB intensity probe solution for use with windows based tablets or PCs. The signal processing is embedded in the probe handle itself for easy use with the MEZZO Software.

MEZZO Intensity Kit features:

  • 48 kHz max sampling rate
  • Low and high ranges
  • ICP/IEPE powered microphones
  • USB Powered
  • 1/1, 1/3, 1/24 octave filters
  • FFT analysis
  • Spacers included
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Mezzo Intensity Probe Rental Kits

MEZZO Intensity Kit (MEZZO 1)

MEZZO Intensity Kit includes

  • SoftDB MEZZO Sound Intensity Probe handle with cabling (to preamps and USB to controller)
  • GRAS 40GK intensity microphone set (includes GRAS 26CB preamplifiers)
  • Set of 3 spacers
  • Football-style windscreen
  • MEZZO Intensity Analyzer Software with 1/1, 1/3, 1/24 octave real-time digital filters and FFT analysis
  • Carrying case
  • System Controller Kit‚Äč
    • Mobile Demand xTablet Windows-based touch screen tablet (MEZZO Intensity Analyzer Module software installed)
    • Protective carrying case for tablet
    • Charging accessories
    • USB connection cable
    • Laptop-style outer case

MEZZO I-Track System Kit (I-Track System)

I-Track Sound Intensity Mapping System


Visualize acoustic data in the laboratory or field with I-Track. Data from the MEZZO probe is combined with position via a camera-based tracking device in real time to provide a high-definition sound image. The I-Track add-on system includes:

  • MEZZO Intensity Kit (MEZZO 1)
  • Calibrated wide angle digital camera
  • Tracking pad with holder 
  • USB cable
  • MEZZO I-Track Module software license
  • Carrying case