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Automated Manufacturing Part Quality

Automated manufacturing has allowed for unprecedented reductions in part costs. When all is working well, hundreds of thousands or millions of quality parts roll off the lines. Unfortunately, when a quality problem arises, hundreds or thousands of bad parts can be produced before flaws are detected and solved.

Dynamic gauging and nondestructive test for automated production lines ensure quality production 100% of the time. Installed in major automotive manufacturers and many tier one suppliers as "online sentries", these systems monitor the production process and part integrity to ensure quality manufacturing, identifying part flaws (hardened material, upstream rougher tolerance, powdered metal defects, etc.) and manufacturing anomalies (loose clamp, dull/broken tools, loose gibs, improper tool setup, etc.) which can alert operators and save millions of dollars in both rework, scrap parts and warranty claims/recalls.

Example Applications:
• Part Quality on Single Spindle Transfer Lines

• Non-Destructive Test on Metal Parts

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