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Welcome to Issue #55 

Clearwater, FL

You know that saying...?  "There is no rest for the weary."  I'm at a meeting in beautiful Clearwater, Florida and while the throngs of spring break revelers are a stones throw from my hotel room, we need to catch up on the latest in dynamic sensing and calibration.  


Before starting this month's learning, I want to thank the many readers who sent in kind words regarding the loss of our team member Karin Schonthal, as we miss our dear friend daily.  Life is short, try to make a little bit of a difference as you live each day.  

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Tip of the Month

Back-to-back reference accelerometers typically have a -28 or 10-32 mounting thread. Sensors under test (SUT) often require a different thread interface. In these cases, mechanical adapters must be used to allow for an appropriate mate. Unfortunately, adding this mechanical adapter also adds mass and reduces stiffness between the reference and SUT, which effectively reduces the mounted resonant frequency. The result may be an out of tolerance condition in the upper frequency range, say 10 kHz. The best practice is to avoid using adapters if possible. As this may be unreasonable with certain SUT's, the next best practice is to use as small an adapter as possible, with proper torque and ample silicone lubricant at each mating point. Keep in mind that if you are having trouble comparing calibration data at higher frequencies with the OEM or another calibration laboratory, it is important to know if both labs are using similar mounting conditions. If not, this may be a substantial contributor to measurement uncertainty.
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ISO TC 108 - Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
ISO TC 108/SC 3 - Use and calibration of vibration and shock measuring instruments
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PCB Group Companies

Interview with Technical Engineer, Dave Lally


We had a great deal of interest with our article last month with Professor Dave Brown.  Therefore, this Dave Lallymonth we decided to get an interview on general trends of vibration with Vice President of Engineering at PCB Piezotronics, Dave Lally.


Dave has spent 20+ years at PCB in various roles as Senior Design Engineer, Product Manager of Industrial Monitoring Instrumentation and Marketing Manager.  I asked Dave what his observations were on...

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The Key is First Time Quality


I couldn't help but rebroadcast and share this article from Quality Digest.  As most of you know, The Modal Shop and PCB Group are fanatical about customer service and our mission of Total Customer Satisfaction.  This interesting article looks at the cutting edge use of standard quality tools (FTR -

First Time Right

First Time Right, also called FTQ - First Time Quality) in

the softer side of business as applied to customer satisfaction.  


Wouldn't we all love it if companies paid as much attention to the quality of the sales process and sales force as they do the design and manufacturing processes?!?  Can you imagine the specification and buying process as pleasurable, seamless and as elegant as using an iPad...?


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Blast from the Past - The Trouble with Signal Cables


For those who may be new to our newsletter, we wanted to highlight an article from a previous sensor & cal tips - "The Trouble with Signal Cables"...



Thanks for spending a little time with us each month.  We're here to serve your dynamic sensing and calibration needs.  And about the beach outside my window... don't feel too bad for me missing the sun, as I'm planning a nice seafood dinner for this Midwestern landlocked author!  Bye, until next time... and remember we're only a call or click away when you need us.  



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