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Welcome to our final Sensor & Calibration Tips of the year.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and want to share that this has been an exceptional year for both The Modal Shop and all the companies of PCB Group.  With PCB Group's growth around the world this year, we are happy to be doing our part to help fuel the return of economic stability through quality products and service excellence.  We hope your business is also thriving.  During this Holiday season please accept our best wishes to you for Peace, Health and Prosperity in the New Year...

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Tip of the Month

An ICP® preamplifier and precision prepolarized condenser microphone significantly reduces per channel cost, allows for ordinary coaxial cables and has an equivalent resolution to traditional acoustic measurement channels of a condenser microphone, preamplifier and laboratory power supply with polarization voltage.  The compromise in the voltage swing only affects the high end of the dynamic range reducing it by about 10 dB, making ICP operation a preferred and common choice in general purpose acoustic applications.
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ISO TC 108 - Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
ISO TC 108/SC 3 - Use and calibration of vibration and shock measuring instruments
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Nontraditional Uses of ICP® 'Power' New Sensors


Modern dynamic signal analyzers (DSAs) provide ICP® sensor power as the de-facto standard for dynamic sensor signal conditioning. From the

humble beginnings of single- and dual-channel analyzers of the late 1960s and early '70s, modern analyzers serving the sound and vibration market have matured into PC based, modular structures typically providing multiples of 4, 8, or 16 channels. The liberal channel counts of these modern analyzers result in available 'space' for a new class of ICP additional sensors such as microphones, strain gages and tachometers...


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Low Frequency Calibration with Structural Gravimetric Technique 


Structural dynamics play an important role in today's highly technological world.  Engineers typically sense, test, model, and modify vibratory behavior to improve how structures function, feel, 

look, sound, interact or cope.  An integral part of this process involves calibration of test instrumentation.


In universal structural testing terminology, calibration is testing the functional transfer behavior, including sensitivity and phase, of sensor structures in controlled transactions and environments.  An ideal measurement system...


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Blast from the Past


For those who may be new to our newsletter, we wanted to highlight an article from a previous sensor & calibration tips - "Behavior of Accelerometers"...


Ever heard the old saying, "No one believes the results of a theoretical analysis except the analyst. And everyone believes the results of an experiment, except the experimentalist"?
Accelerometer Temp Extremes
In the test and measurement world, this applies to the fact that vibration sensors are structures just like cars, computers, satellites 
and machinery that they are used to test.  This means that accelerometers undergo stress and show strain, they move, bend, deflect and often show signs of their real world behavior.  Test engineers and technicians need to understand the real world behavior of their measurement equipment to ensure that both valid data and valid results are produced.



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