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Accelerometer Temp Extremes
Tip of the Month

Calibrating Industrial Accelerometers

In many cases, like trending of machine vibration, industrial accelerometers may only need to be amplitude verified at a single frequency point.  For this simple single point calibration you should consider either a 1g hand held exciter like the PCB 699A02 or self contained single frequency source/reference/calibrator combinations like the TMS 9100C.
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New developments in accelerometer calibration
Laser for accel calThis month we'll take a break from discussing world of calibration standards and interpretation of calibration data...   Here's a quick update on the latest developments in accelerometer calibration.   Considering that optical techniques are becoming more and more commonplace in the sensing industry, we have observed that they also provide some extraordinary benefits when used as references for accelerometer calibration. The Modal Shop and PCB have developed two new optical methods/systems: one for extending low frequency calibration capability... and another for further simplifying and expediting laser primary calibration.
Introduction to industrial accelerometers
IndustrialThe basics of acceleration sensing for the plant floor come from the same measurement/laboratory grade instruments we have been using for years.  However, the packaging of industrial accelerometers differs significantly from their laboratory style heritage.  At the core of an industrial style accelerometer is still a piezoelectric crystal.  Piezoelectric (PE) accelerometers have become the defacto standard for machinery and process vibration for a number of reasons...
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