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Accelerometer Temp Extremes
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Validate the performance and traceability of all calibration equipment used for measurements with appropriate recalibration intervals, established and maintained based upon manufacturers' recommendations and historical trend data showing the stability of the reference.

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ISO TC 108 - Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
ISO TC 108/SC 3 - Use and calibration of vibration and shock measuring instruments
Sensors - Rosemont, IL (June 7-9)
NCSLi - Providence, RI (July 25-29)
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Measurements Matter!

Great Belt Bridge in Denmark
Great Belt Bridge
Last week, Thursday, May 20th, was the celebration of "World Metrology Day" in recognition of the importance of measurement and calibration sciences. The celebration web site features the Great Belt Bridge and details some of the exact measurement and construction challenges required as part of the fabrication.  As leaders of the dynamic measurement industry, we all carry the responsibility of understanding the sensing/measuring process and of providing "good data" leading to "good results".  One particular ritual that does an extremely good job of conveying this message and its incumbent responsibility is the Calling of the Engineer Ceremony in Canada and its counterpart, the Order of the Engineer in the USA.  Though it has no actual connection, legend has it that the ceremonial ring worn by each engineer inducted, is made from the iron of a collapsed bridge and is a continual reminder to the practicing engineer of the enormous social responsibility inherent in the commitment to good research, design and fabrication.  Here at The Modal Shop and PCB Group, we take the time to renew our commitment to quality dynamic measurement tools and sharing the education necessary to apply and understand good measurement practices.

Fundamentals of Modal Analysis

Modal AnalysisThough the vibration and structural test field is rich in history and application, there is a shortage of good primers to educate the latest crop of young engineers.  One of the best examples that I have for reference is the Fundamental of Modal Analysis written by the team at Hewlett Packard in the days back before the Agilent spinoff.  This primer provides a great balance between introductory overview and necessary detail to understand the common challenges of the test engineer in the structural testing/modal analysis field.  Click here to download 56 pages of modal analysis fundamental content which spans topics from simple descriptions of structural dynamics, to the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to Multiple input Multiple output (MIMO) testing to improving measurement accuracy to an overview of Modal Parameter Estimation.
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