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Accelerometer Temp Extremes
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Calibrating low frequency ICP accelerometers

When calibrating low frequency ICP accelerometers, make certain that you allow ample time for the sensor's bias voltage to stabilize.  This may take several minutes, depending upon the specified discharge time constant of the accelerometer.
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Improving your accelerometer calibration reference measurement at low frequencies
Optical EncoderAccelerometer users in the structural testing field often ask about how to calibrate a sensor's performance at the low end of the frequency response curve.  Since most manufacturers start the standard factory calibration at 10 Hz, there is typically no data delivered with an accelerometer documenting its low frequency performance.  To measure this data, a supplemental low frequency calibration must be performed.
ICP options:  What's your favorite flavor?
Accelerometer familyWithin the world of ICP sensing there are some common options that can be applied to almost any typical accelerometer. Here's a quick review of the most common options.  How many of them are you familiar with?  This list contains the PCB model number prefixes and a brief description of the options.
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