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Accelerometer Temp Extremes
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For shock impulse calibrations, it is important to use pulse durations of moderate width - not too long or not too short.  For shock accelerometers, we target a pulse width of at least 100 microseconds to best stay within the useable bandwith of typical shock accelerometers.

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ISO TC 108 - Mechanical vibration, shock and condition monitoring
ISO TC 108/SC 3 - Use and calibration of vibration and shock measuring instruments
NCSLi - Providence, RI (July 25-29)
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Accelerometer Technologies and Performance Characteristics

Early accelerometer design (circa 1920)
Early accelerometer design
Recognize the early accelerometer design in the picture?  Commercialized in the 1920's originally through Southwark (now BLH Electronics), it consisted of an E-shaped frame containing 20 to 55 carbon rings in a tension-compression Wheatstone half-bridge between the top and center section of the frame.  By 1936, Southwark a version with "adjustable cork damping" was available.  Reported applications were: "recording acceleration of an airplane catapult, passenger elevators, aircraft shock absorbers and to record vibrations of steam turbines, underground pipes and forces of explosions...".  Follow the link to review PCB Piezotronics Vice President of Engineering, David Lally's presentation from Sensors Expo in Chicago earlier this month.

Video tutorial on Accelerometer Calibration

Accelerometer CalibrationEmbracing the profileration of YouTube and videos on the web, this month we offer a short video presentation on accelerometer calibration.  The video describes the basic operation of our accelerometer calibration system.  Throughout the Summer, we'll be releasing more application training in video format so come back and check out The Modal Shop website often.
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